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RMRK, the future of NFT’S

by Lorimer Jenkins, y.at/⌛🚀💎🙌


If you know anything about me then you know I love Kusama. Let me introduce you to the ONLY Kusama NFT’s.

What is RMRK ?

“RMRK.app is a part of Kusama’s broader NFT strategy and a way to abuse Kusama’s system.remark extrinsic (?) to write custom notes onto the chain in a standardized and structured way. Basically, we graffiti the chain. These notes can represent NFTs, token sales, polls, collaborative drawing programs, even chat applications (yes, really!).”

RMRK Token

“$RMRK is a governance, staking, and collateral token launched on the Statemint chain. It will be fairdropped to all current and future Kanaria egg holders but can also be purchased as part of our seed round until May 31st. Here’s our deck.More on Kanaria in a moment ;)

RMRK launch pad

“The RMRK team can help you launch your NFT project for a flat fee, or a percentage of the sale’s proceeds. If you’d like to explore options and talk to us about deploying your own RMRK-based NFT distribution platform, get in touch.”

What is Kanaria

“The first official NFT collection is Kanaria, Kusama’s Canaries, a limited set of NFTs represented as eggs from which different canaries will hatch after a certain block, depending on randomness from the blockchain itself and some outside influence in the form of emotes (reactions) to the NFTs.”

Kanaria emoji swap

In popular NFT sites like OpenSea it is near impossible to communicate with other users, you could send fruitful bids and favourite likes but apart from that there is no interaction on the platform.

With RMRK you can send other users emojis, in the RMRK seed round (more on this below) emoji swaps worked extremely well to communicate on the platform.

Kanaria lego’s

One of the most special things about RMRK is how they can practically make dreams come true. For so long (well long in Crypto terms anyway) NFT projects have died to lack of community support. Now RMRK has come up with a way to keep old NFT’s fresh in the game.

You can now attach NFT’s to other NFT’s ! See more below.

Kanaria, RMRK seed round

Kanaria NFT’s were first launched as pictures of eggs and eventually hatched into unique birds !

Kanaria #9678 (random bird, not mine)

Kanarias today

Much like other NFT projects each NFT’s have different rarities.

Theme: “Defaultyellow” 15.65% have this

Head: “Plain” 13.64% have this

Face: 😬 7.31% have this

Body: “Plain” 19.73% have this

Tail: “Plain” 12.9% have this

Left wing: “Plain”13.75% have this

Right wing: ☀ 1.36% have this

Feet: “Plain” 19.73% have this

Kanaria inventory

Here we can see the lego effect play in, each Kanaria has an inventory that allows users to equip and unequip items.

Here we can see the user has equpided a “Sapphire Island” background and also has a gem in view (more on gems later). No other NFT project has been able to pull this off quite like RMRK.

Kanaria inventory

Here is a full view of everything the user can ecupid and un equipd on bird #9678.

Compare this inventory to the full view image of the bird and it’s pretty amazing how each of these items are NFT’s on other NFT’s.

(These are just the Limited Edition Kanarias for example)

Kanaria Gems

What are they ?

RMRK will add a gem shop soon where you will be able to use KSM, RMRK, and Voucher gems to obtain certain other gems for your bird(s). Some will only be obtainable with Vouchers, others with KSM/RMRK.

So they are extra things you can equip on your Kanaria, but what do they actually do ?

Here are some examples :


  • The Bragi gem allows you to upload custom artwork to your bird.


  • Odal allows the owner to apply a name to their bird.


  • Early-access gem lets you in on private sales (if any) of upcoming projects launching on or with RMRK.


  • Once RMRK 2.0 NFTs launch on Singular.rmrk.app, there will be a commission applied. This gem and its lesser siblings remove this commission from Singular, either forever, or for a time period.


With a growing diversity of media types and ever increasing sizes of files which, with the advent of RMRK 2, can also be nested and contain multiple files at once, hosting users’ NFT resources on IPFS and pinning them globally via commercial services and our own nodes is becoming more and more expensive.

Caerus Prime

Lootboxes are sets of random standalone NFTs compatible with Kanaria. This means you can get gems, equippables, and even fungible tokens randomly in a lootbox of a certain type.


Free access to all RMRK online and in-person events, for as long as you have it equipped.


The coveted Njord and Njordson gems give the wearer a part of RMRK’s revenue for life of the blockchain, project, company, crystal, or bird

Kanaria is a great example of everything that RMRK can do, just imagine them using their skills on a major scale with other projects !


After Kanaria wraps up, in no particular order:

  • Spec out and release RMRK 2.0
  • Abstract away open source reference implementation of tools and publish to community
  • Produce a SaaS-like endpoint for querying latest RMRK state
  • Introduce new RMRK services: Polls, Remark Curated Lists, Token Sales
  • Branch our to Kusama native NFT implementation, then Statemint, Unique, Moonbeam
  • Lead implementations into mobile wallets: imToken and Fearless in progress
  • RMRKET auction house

Hackathon Ideas

RMRK are now in the coming months letting the community decide what they want out of the project and make it a reality.

Here are some of the popular ideas everyone has come up with so far.

Gaming using Kanaria

  • “Any kind of play to earn mechanism would be cool if adopted in Kanaria…This would bring in a hoard of users and increase the overall value of the project!!!”

Game: Birds ARENA

  • “Bet your birds vs your rival, the luckiest takes both. Ready to try your chances, entry the arena where there are no half ways, all or nothing. Obviously you could bet also items vs items Technical Possible solution: Page with possibility from both side. Pre accept nft transaction to other side before “event”, when events starts (random number generator (open source ;) ) select 1 or 0. The winning part has transaction cancelled, the loosing part has it executed. Additional Features Possible: -Timer till the fight! -The most expensive fight! -The luckiest bird (imagine one bird surviving 3 fights? And the immense value it earned meanwhile, wow to have one of those. Etc…”

GAME “Birds of the Universe”

  • “A short fable. The birds of the universe became bored in their small community, and they created a new world by filling it with the Power that underlies everything that exists, so that it becomes a place where the mind can make its dreams come true. Each Bird that wished to build a new world created its own abode in it (bird staking for Power farming). Great wizards (players) poured into the world wanting to become its masters and began to fight with the monsters generated by the new universe.”


If we look into the background of the team we can see that Bruno (founder) has a background within the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem, this by the looks of it has proved extremely useful

Parachain winners are now deploying backgrounds onto Kanaria birds, Kanrias have a deep rooted pledge into this ecosystem now.

Conclusion :

Crypto Punks suck, Kanarias rock ;)

Check them out

by Lorimer Jenkins


Disclaimer : I am not a financial advisor these articles for education purposes, new articles released by 12pm BST every day.



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