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The Best Time To Buy

by Lorimer Jenkins, y.at/βŒ›πŸš€πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ

A Lot of people say that the best time to buy Crypto is when the market is down huge amounts. But I disagree, I think there is actually a better way to get better risk vs reward ratios.

Obviously the best time to buy Crypto is at ICO. But those chances usually don’t come so often, so here is how I buy my best Crypto’s in a bull-ish market.

Risk vs reward

When investing my personal stack I am very very bullish with dips as I can still sleep at night if I lose my own money. But when investing other people’s money my senses are 10 times sharper as I like to know the coin will go up, not hope the coin will go up, know it will go up.

So one thing I take into account is how sharp the dip is. Buying when the market is all over the place is very risky, as it has gone down 50 percent now it can go down another 50 percent. So when Bitcoins chart is just pushing sideways it is a very good time to fill my bags as I can see that it’s holding a very strong piece of support.

So when looking at Bitcoins chart currently :

You can imagine its throwing my risk vs reward dial off.


by Lorimer Jenkins


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