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The Case For Kusama

by Lorimer Jenkins, y.at/⌛🚀💎🙌

Kusama Logo

Ever heard of Polkadot ? I’m sure you have and you probably think it’s an Ethereum competitor. You would rather invest in another coin as you think you have missed the boat blah blah blah …

Well if you do a deeper dive into the Polkadot network you will stumble across an extremely undervalued project called “Kusama”.

Kusama is often referred to as a test net, but I think this wording just confuses people and they then automatically think it’s not a very good project. As it’s not actually a “test net” it’s a “test” just like how the whole of Crypto is a “test”.

Let me show you why I would rather buy Kusama than Polkadot and why I think Kusama will be worth alot more than Polkadot.

What is Kusama ?

“Kusama is a public pre-production environment for Polkadot, one that allows any developer to experiment and test new blockchains or applications before releasing them on this network.” — Google

But it has been built in such a way that the things W3F and Parity did have complemented Kusama. Let me show you :

4 x faster than Polkadot -

In this ever changing market versatility and speed is everything, if your project cant adapt quickly your project dies. Kusama’s Governance protocol is 4 times faster than Polkadot allowing quicker innovation and more importantly allows it to be very mouldable.

Cheaper than Polkadot -

As Kusama has been intended as an experimental code base they wanted to enable devs to not fork out thousands just to test an idea.

This provides a huge incentive to Kusama even though it might not seem that big. Millions are lost yearly on fees in Crypto, Kusama brings this cost down by ALLOT.

You become your own VC / Investment Fund -

From Parachain auctions Kusama allows you to acquire more coins without spending anything ? How ?

By locking up our KSM for a certain amount of time (bonding) for a project to gain a parachain auction. As a thank you the project that wins the parachain gives you some of their native token. This allows you to grow your assets without even spending anything, this is a trillion dollar problem. You can now cut out greedy investment funds and do it yourself !

Metrics -

Kusama has a fixed supply of 10m KSM, meaning your KSM will eventually be so scarce as most of it will be locked up in parachain auctions and staking. Polkadot can be minted and minted for eternity, but you Kusama cannot. This isn’t necaleraly a bad thing for Polkadot but it sure does benefit Kusama.

The Bitcoin of this ecosystem,

if you could acquire assets without spending anything. I’ve only given you a few points here about my love for Kusama over Polkadot but go check some videos out !

I recommend watching these : Introduction to Polkadot and Kusama, Dr Wood explaining KSM, Bruno explaining KSM

by Lorimer Jenkins


Disclaimer : I am not a financial advisor these articles for education purposes, new articles released by 12pm BST every day.



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