LJ Articles| 9/09/2021 | #16

The Decentralised underworld

by Lorimer Jenkins, y.at/⌛🚀💎🙌

Through the use of resilient DAO’s, the winding corners of the Metaverse is very much achievable. With new technologies being developed I would not be surprised if you were able to implant a chip in your head to actually walk around on the internet.

A world that mirrors the current one with endless opportunities is getting close. A world where you can be whoever you want and have whatever you want is suddenly achievable. Geeks alike gather to see the light at the end of the tunnel, while the latest devs innovation to make this dream a reality.

But what if reality is different …

A place of corruption and malicious actions, because of the human mind being able to get away with anything anonymously and without consequence.

A place ruled by sophisticated hackers that could find out anything about anyone and use it to manipulate systems.

As the human mind is left to roam free without any authority able to govern the users, suddenly everything and everyone is a threat.

To live in a space where there is absolutely no consequence for your actions …

Quickly personal safety goes from physical to mental and digital, brutal data and psychological attacks would be everywhere.

Big business free to manipulate users of this free space and use it to their advantage. Software trials on the mind would be able to take place on unwilling victims on mass levels. Slaves of this new world’s minds trapped forever under the computer program of this space. Imprisoning the mind for forever as you cannot die in this world, forever roaming lands of data.

But I wouldnt worry too much !

The likeliness of what it would really be is maybe a few attacks happen here and there but the end result is up to you ! In a world where you can truly do whatever you like has endless possibilities too ! Just think of being able to feel and do absolutely anything you wanted to.

And anyway we can’t figure out how to put a 10th of the internet’s size in the decentralised metaverse so i wouldn’t worry just yet !

Unless …

by Lorimer Jenkins


Disclaimer : I am not a financial advisor these articles for education purposes, new articles released by 12pm BST every day.



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