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The “No Coiner” Mentality

by Lorimer Jenkins, y.at/⌛🚀💎🙌

I think this mentality applies to 80 percent of people in crypto. The “no coiner” mentality will lose you a lot of money and keep you in the same space forever.

It works like this:

Someone looks at Bitcoins price at $400, they make the decision whether they will invest in it or not, on the basis if the website looks good or not. They take one look at the marketing of it and don’t buy it. They then reassure themselves that they aren’t buying now as it will never go back up to its high.

Fast forward 3 years later -

The same person looks at bitcoins price at $20k and wished they bought at $400

Fast forward 2 years -

They then look at bitcoin’s price at $4k and think oh no way too low it is dead.

Fast forward 2 years -

They then look at bitcoin’s price at $60k in disgust and call it every name under the sun.

Fast forward 6 months -

They then look at bitcoin’s price at $40k and spread the news that bitcoin is dead.

The point I’m making is that whenever you decide to invest in something, price shouldn’t really matter. You are not a trader and cannot predict bottoms. Therefore what price you get in should be irelevant to whether you invest or not.

As long as you are in it for the long run, things have a very good chance at working themselves out.

by Lorimer Jenkins


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